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Laura Ferrell is the Assistant Principal at Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School in Oak Lawn, Illinois.  Her blog can be found here and you can connect with her @LFEdTech on Twitter.   


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Jared Wastler is an ASCD Emerging Leader and Maryland's Assistant Principal of the Year for 2014.  He can be found at  In this episode we talk about his success, and I have to admire how he always brings it back to the great things happening where he is at Liberty High School.  

Tune in next week for my talk with Assistant Principal Laura Ferrell, who also happens to be an ASCD Emerging Leader for 2014.  She can be found  @LFedtech on Twitter.  Among other things, we discover that we're currently reading the same book, "How Children Succeed" by Paul Tough.  


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As we wrap up Connected Educator Month, I was lucky to connect with Innovation Coordinator and Pure Genius author Don Wettrick.  We talk about his unique job and elective course that truly empowers students to embrace their passions and ideas.  I'm a little biased, but I was very inspired by our conversation and I hope you are too.  


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In this episode of Principally Speaking, I have the honor of speaking to 7th grade dynamic teacher Pernille Ripp.  After you listen to the episode, set aside some time and check out her awesome blog and resources over at   She also developed the amazing Global Read Aloud Project and EdCamp MadWI.  Finally, she is an author of 2 books and currently working on a 3rd.  I highly recommend you check out her latest from Corwin, Empowered Schools, Empowered Students.   


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Continuing the Connected Educator Month Series on Principally Speaking, I connect with Dr. Spike Cook, author of the new book Connected Leadership.  You can also check out his website here.  For more excellent content from Dr. Cook, check out the PrincipalPLN podcast.  

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In honor of Connected Educator Month this is the first of a series of podcast episodes from authors of the Corwin Connected Educator Series.

Vice Principal, #satchat co-founder and author of new book All Hands on Deck Brad Currie and I talk about his vision for tapping into the voice of all stakeholders through both physical and virtual means.  Check into more from Brad at  

Next week I have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Spike Cook.  

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For today's episode I talk with music teacher Jeff Bradbury, who is also the mastermind behind  You can connect with Jeff there or at  If you are also interested in podcasting or webcast development, I highly recommend contacting Jeff.  He's very helpful and a great guy.  

As I mentioned at the conclusion of this episode, I'm involved in a new monthly meetup happening in the Fort Wayne area for other passionate and innovative educators.  The first meeting is happening October 15.  If you're interested in joining us, please click here.  

I'm also excited to be attending the upcoming Indiana Connected Educators Conference on October 16th and 17th.  You can find out more information here.  

Finally, don't forget to head over to to check out the House of EdTech Podcast.  

Tune in next week for my talk with 2014 Maryland Assisant Principal of the Year and host of Twitter #APChat Jared Wastler.  


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In this episode, I have the privilege of speaking with Steve Hope and Duke Lines, Principal and Associate Principal at Penn High School in Mishawaka, Indiana.  We talk about Steve's ability to drive important change at Penn as well as Duke's quick ascension through the ranks.  We discuss the goals for PHS this year as they move to a 1:1 environment with Chromebooks.  Both administrators discuss what inspired them to "make the jump" and provide advice for newer leaders.  In order to connect with these dynamic leaders, you can find Steve @sthope and Duke @ADukeLines on Twitter.

Be sure to check out the new show next Tuesday with music teacher/conductor/podcaster/web developer extraordinaire Jeff Bradbury.  Jeff is the mastermind behind and can also be found at  He's on Twitter @teachercast and @jeffbradbury.  

Thanks so much for tuning into Principally Speaking!  

Please consider rating the show on iTunes here:

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High school Spanish teacher and fellow Hoosier Matt Miller is someone that I connected with this past summer at the East Noble eLearn conference.  Matt and I will be talking about how his classroom may be slightly different from the norm and how this led to his awesome website  

Here's an outline of this episode:

  1. Matt’s interesting transition to teaching
  2. Matt’s focus for expanding his horizons this year: Google Apps, expanded use of Mystery Skype, diving into Flipped Instruction
  3. The road to
  4. The power of blogging
  5. The Indiana eLearning circuit and maintaining a positive attitude, #inelearn chat 
  6. Sanderling: A social network for teachers
  7. Networking with others 
  8. Connect with Matt @jmattmiller on Twitter






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In this episode, I ask Eric about what drove him to become an administrator, what he feels are the top qualities of a strong principal, and the success of New Milford High School.  He discusses how digital leadership is not an add-on and when addressing the industrial model for schools and explains his quest to break through “an efficient system for a world that no longer exists.”  Finally, he talks about his new position with the International Center for Leadership in Education, or ICLE, the host of the annual Model Schools Conference.  You can connect with Eric at or on his current Twitter profile @NMHS_Principal.  

Tune in next week for my talk with Spanish teacher Matt Miller, host of the excellent resource  Matt is @jmattmiller on Twitter.  



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Mark Barnes is the author of the new book Teaching the iStudent, which was just released August 19.  Click the image of the book above to check it out.  This is part of a series with other influential educators such as Spike Cook, Peter DeWitt, and Kristen Swanson.  In this episode Mark talks about his personal journey from classroom technophobe to technophile and his paradigm shift towards a results only learning environment.  Be sure to check out his websites at and   


Stay tuned next week for my talk with Eric Sheninger, author of Digital Leadership.  We’ll be talking about the book, his background, what qualities he believes makes a strong principal, and his new position with Scholastic.  If you have questions, comments, or suggestions remember you can always reach me @APJasonBodnar on Twitter, or  

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In this episode, Matt and I wrap up our conversation by discussing and his role in the upcoming TedX Lafayette event.  

Don't forget you can e-mail me at  I'm also on Voxer at jbodna782.  

Stay tuned for next week's show with author Mark Barnes, who can be found at  


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Today, I have the privilege of interviewing Matt Brown, Assistant Principal at Sunnyside Intermediate School in Lafayette, Indiana.  


Here is the outline for this show: 

  1. Matthew’s Inspirational Educational Background
  2. Why Matt Became an Administrator 
  3. Excellent Advice for New Administrators: Knowing your Place, Putting your “Teacher Glasses” On, and Being Humble
  4. Most Important Qualities of a Strong Assistant Principal: Effective Communication, Not Saying Yes Too Much, Discipline with the Right Mindset
  5. Matthew’s Role in a School Transitioning to 1:1 with iPads This Year
  6. Matthew’s App Philosophy: Going Beyond the Flashiness and Extending the Classroom Effectively

You can connect with Matt @EdTechMatthew.  Stay tuned for next Tuesday for the second half of the interview! 


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This week Theresa and I talk about her experience as a new administrator last year and she provides advice to those jumping into the profession.  She talks about the experience of also hosting a podcast, the PrincipalCast, which was recently announced will be renamed PrincipalPLN.  We discuss her experience leading a private school in Michigan that does not receive any public funds.  She also provides other podcast and book recommendations.  Finally, she sells the audience on Voxer, an amazing app that allows educators to build unique chats and grow together.  Don't wait like me...get this app immediately!  

Theresa can be found @PrincipalStager on Twitter and her blog is at  

Stay tuned next week for my interview with Matthew Brown, assistant principal at Sunnyside Intermediate School in Lafayette, Indiana.

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PS7: High-Performance Instructional Leadership with Justin Baeder

Justin Baeder discusses his evolution from teacher to principal and eventually to full-time consultant and speaker.  If you're an educator that's interested in branching out through consulting or speaking, you definitely don't want to miss this one.  

For the notes from this show, click on this link:  

Justin's websites can be found here:

He can be found on Twitter here.   


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Thank you for tuning into the second half of my interview with Derek McCoy and be sure to check out his blog at and connect with him @derekmccoy on Twitter.  

Check out for the notes from this show.  

Stay tuned for next week for my interview with educational consultant and former elementary principal Justin Baeder.  Justin's website can be found at  



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Today I have the privilege of speaking with Derek McCoy, the NASSP 2014 Digital Principal of the Year.  In this episode, Derek talks about what effective Digital Leadership means to him and provides some recommendations for digital tools as well as conferences to attend, including the infamous ISTE.  I also ask him what inspired him to become an administrator and how he supports strong leaders in his school.  


Tune in next week for the second half of this interview, in which Derek talks about being an innovative educator and his experience assisting with the EdCamp movement in North Carolina.  He also provides recommendations for your PLN and books that educational leaders should consider reading.  For the show notes from this episode, head to  Thank you so much for tuning in to the show and don’t forget to please provide feedback on iTunes and Stitcher, which really helps get the word out. 


I’d love to hear from you @ mrjasonbodnar on Twitter and  


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In this episode I speak with Park Ginder, the Principal of Homestead High School, home to approximately 2300 students in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We’ll talk some about the logistics of leading such a large school and Mr. Ginder will provide some of his thoughts as a life-long learner and digital leader.  As per usual, I ask my guest about advice for newer administrators and to provide some book recommendations. 


Check out for the notes and links from this episode.


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Please see the show notes for this episode at

for an outline of the show, along with links to Jeffrey's book recommendations.

Click on the image below to head to "Hanging In" on Amazon.


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PS2: Jeffrey Benson Helps Us Hang In with Tough Students (1 of 2)

I was recently honored to have the opportunity to speak with veteran educator Jeffrey Benson.  In the first half of this two-part interview, Mr. Benson discusses his expertise with regard to special education and his new book Hanging In: Strategies for Teaching the Students Who Challenge Us Most.   He also provides advice for newer administrators.

Stay tuned for the follow-up episode in two weeks in which Jeffrey talks about his thoughts regarding mentorship, educational technology, and his consulting work.  He also provides book recommendations for other educational leaders.  

The show notes for this episode can be found here.  To check out Jeffrey's book, click the image below.  

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PS1: Intro to PS and Principal Matthew Toth

In the first episode of Principally Speaking, I provide some background on myself as well as a vision for the podcast.  Then, I interview Matthew Toth, current assistant principal and incumbent head principal at DeKalb High School in Waterloo, IN.  Matt discusses what he feels are the qualities of a strong administrator, how he feels education will change in the future, and recommendations for new administrators.  The show notes can be found at    

Check out to learn more about the show and connect with the host Jason Bodnar.  

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